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Web Design Process Step 3

æ Sub@omic's Web Design Process Step 3:

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Web Design Process Step 3

The next step in the web design process of for Sub@omic to develop the design concept into a design architecture that will deliver the desired user experience (UX) and, by so doing, arrive at a page count.


Because Sub@omic designs and develops bespoke cognitive websites from scratch, each line of code is written by us by hand, therefore, it's practical for us to write as little code as possible. Guided by the user experience (UX) we're agreed upon, we'll try and write the least amount of pages possible. Even though our websites are simply more clickable, it's good practice to minimise the number of clicks a user is required to make in order to get where they want to be.

Page count

Sub@omic's web design pricing is based upon the number of web pages we write (the page count) and the complexity of these pages.


The output of this work is very often a sitemap which will be incorporated into the body of the Design Solution Report. The sitemap may be a hierarchical display of the pages and databases required (similar to a company organisational chart) or the sitemap may explore the website in the form of a mindmap.

As this document will form part of the contractual specification it will always be designed to be as clear and concise as possible.

Pricing & Page Count

Aldo Gucci is famously quoted as having stated that Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten and it seems as if this quote gets wheeled-out whenever a company runs out of steam during a pricing discussion. It is, nevertheless, 100% true.

Rules of thumb in pricing discussions are very often unreliable but Sub@omic typically finds itself pricing bespoke cognitive web design projects with a per-page-rate of approximately £700.00 - naturally, some quotes may be more some may be less, however, we find this figure most reliable.

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