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Web Design Process Step 5

æ Sub@omic's Web Design Process Step 5:

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Web Design Process Step 5

Sub@omic configures the technical working environment in which the website and email will operate.

Website hosting and domain name management

All websites need to be hosted on a web server and Step 5 of æ web design process addresses the creation and configuration of an account on the Internet server which will ultimately host your website. It is entirely possible to build the website offline and then migrate and publish the website to its Internet server but we feel it's best to develop the website in the very same environment in which it's going to run.

If there is a requirement for the additional provision of email accounts under the project, these are also setup during Step 5.

We grapple the thorny issue of domain name management as early as possible during the project once we have received our commission. Reconfiguring domain names may be as simple as registering a new domain name or it, more often than not, it involves liaising with a third party who, very often, is the party that may have just lost your business to Sub@omic. In cases where we need to manage a bloodless transfer of management and administrative responsibilities our tact and diplomacy skills are often called upon.

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Domains & Hosting

Sub@omic manages the registration and renewal of domain names for many dozens of Customers, although it's non-core business and we offer this service to Customers on a transparent, at-cost basis simply because mismanagement of domain names can cause all sorts of issues, some political, some technical yet all of them stressful.

It is simply good business practice and we always recommend that you register your own domain names so that there's never any question over ownership - a simple modification to the domain's nameservers can delegate management responsibility to Sub@omic which may be revoked at any time of your own choosing.

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