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Web Design Process Step 7

æ Sub@omic's Web Design Process Step 7:

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Web Design Process Step 7

Branding, design and creative processed to visualise the look and feel of your website and its pages.

With all the contractual, technical and administrative issues settled, Sub@omic proceeds to put pen to paper and mouse to desk as we begin the design of your website.

During the web strategy workshop we will have already explored your design preferences and the research that will have gone into the preparation of the Design Solution Report will have given us a clear idea of the design approach we'll be following.

Totally free from restriction

The beauty of the bespoke web design approach is that Sub@omic is not in any way limited by what a CMS is or isn't capable of generating. If you've always wanted a pink button in the top right hand corner of every page of your website that plays hey doodle dandy each time a Customer clicks it then the answer will always be "Yes, your website can do that!"

What distinguishes Sub@omic is our willingness to challenge such requests and hold up the business objectives established at the outset of the project in order to decide whether there is a business case for the pink button.

Design approach

The typical approach is for Sub@omic to create new and original artwork when designing website style and website layout; if this is the case then proofs and mock-ups will be supplied for approval as JPGs or PDFs.

There is, at the moment, a move towards designing in the browser and there are very many good reasons for following this approach and if it's a requirement of the project we're more than happy to work in this way, however, experience has shown us that our Customers actually prefer working with design flats and layouts so we shall continue to work in the manner that best suits our clients.

Bespoke Web Design

We don't believe that we can over-emphasise the point that with bespoke web design the web designer is able to achieve a great many design tricks - part of the reason the design of Sub@omic websites is said to be clean is that we're able to stick to the design rules which apply in traditional media and translate these onto the computer screen.

Making changes to layouts at proof stages may be relatively straight forward because we're not having to rewrite any code in order to move items placed on the page. Designing a Sub@omic website still takes place in a drag and drop environment.

However, we will be unable to move forward onto the next stage until we have your signed approval of the proposed final design. Sub@omic's expertise in knowing what may be achieved with CSS styling code means that you'll never be presented with a page design or layout which we find we are unable to faithfully replicate in HTML & CSS. The designs you approve will be pixel-perfect.

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