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Web Design Process Step 6

æ Sub@omic's Web Design Process Step 6:

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Web Design Process Step 6

The commencement of perhaps the most challenging aspect of your project - writing the words and sourcing the images for your website.

Most Customers wish to write their own content

Believe that content is king and that great content takes time to develop and manage. This is a line taken from our 24 page web design guide entitled "How to build a hit website". The website design guide asserts that a hit website will possibly be the hardest thing your business ever has to write and finding enough of the right kind of words and images always appears to be a stretch. In our experience the earlier you start creating and sourcing your content the better.

How to write website copy

Writing website copy is a different discipline from any other kind of marketing copy. The best technique Sub@omic has found is to start by choosing the keywords you wish to target and let those keywords form the central concept around which all the copy on that webpage revolves.

Right at the outset of the project you will have been introduced to the Sub@omic RICE model in which the following dynamics are considered:

  • R (relevance)
  • I (intrigue)
  • C (conversion)
  • E (engagement)

The RICE model has been developed and adopted by Sub@omic because of the way it gets our Customers thinking about about how their own Customers think and what search queries they would use to search with. The last exercise in the web strategy workshop was to begin exploring a couple of Customer search scenarios and then to work-up some initial search queries. This activity should have been continued after the workshop and remain an ongoing habit and the resulting list of search engine keywords will provide you with the perfect platform to begin writing relevant and intriguing search engine optimised content for your website.

Most customers wish to supply their own photographs and images

If you think finding the right words was a tough ask, wait until you need to start finding the right images for the website. Content doesn't start and finish with words - images are equally important and can be the feature that makes or breaks a website. A website is a hungry beast and sourcing the right images and video will also take time.

To prevent your website from looking like some kind of a cliche from a stock image jumble sale put much though into getting great photography on your website; it really will make a world of difference and help you to stand out from the competition.

Let us help you find and produce your content

Even if you start the project thinking that you'll be able to write your own content there will, we guarantee, come a point where you realise that you have neither the time, the resource, the capacity or the creativity to generate all the content for the website yourself. Never be afraid to ask for help and support; we've seen dozens of people in business struggle with content and we're here to help and support you all the way.

Professional help

Whether you require our direct help or you would prefer an introduction to a professional photographer or copywriter we have the skill and capacity to be able to help and support you.

How To Write Website Copy

Simon Mummery, Managing Director of Prestige Print Limited, describes the process and their experiences in the making of their company website and how they totally under-estimated how much time and work would be needed in preparing the content.

"Ready to commission a new website? Don't forget the content!

So, you've decided to bite the bullet and it's all systems go in making your website happen. It's all planned; you've worked out the brief, got ideas on the look and feel, found a Web Master to do the clever stuff. Oh yes, there's just that little detail about the products and services you want to tell everyone about... be warned, it's the biggest part of the whole job and it's going to be all down to you to sort out. Are you really ready?"

  • Click the more tab at the top of this panel of footnotes and read more about Simon's ongoing hunt for content which keeps Prestige Print's website at the top of Google's results.
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