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Web Design Process Step 12

æ Sub@omic's Web Design Process Step 12:

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Web Design Process Step 12

Data cleansing, entry and/or upload into the database plus Photoshop work on supplied images.

It is only at this step in the æ web design process that the website is populated with data and the website finally takes shape.

This much we guarantee

Unless you've witnessed it before, you'll see something very strange happening to your website copy when we finally come to put your website content into the database and the website reveals its true self to you.

Your content becomes clickable

Because a website is an interactive medium, the very second that you see your new website pages for the first time you will want to click it and when that moment comes you'll realise that, simply by clicking, you can make connections and follow links which simply didn't exist before when the content sat in a linear form inside a Word document or broken down and presented en-mass in an Excel spreadsheet.

During the build you will realise that, because of these new connections, there may be some data that is missing and is essential to retrieve and upload into the website prior to launch. Once again, you need to be prepared for this to happen and you need to build a contingency into your planning to allow this discovery process to happen.

Uploading Your Content

The fastest and, for us, the most satisfying method of uploading content into a database is for it to firstly be prepared in an Excel spreadsheet - this Excel approach allows us to effect a batch upload of data and, in one hit, build the website in matter of seconds.

Not everyone is a data-cruncher (someone that would be classified as being 'Blue' in our Customer Insight Profiling) so if that's not you and you prefer to supply your website content in Word format then you need to prepare your self for a little wait as the build of the website becomes a manual copy and paste operation instead of a slick and efficient data upload.

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