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Web Design Process Step 13

æ Sub@omic's Web Design Process Step 13:

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Web Design Process Step 13

Website performance testing against the approved design specification as detailed in the Design Solution Report.

Central to our terms and conditions of business is the notion of "Acceptance" - in other words project sign-off by you upon satisfactory completion.

Test, test, and test again

During the build, Sub@omic will have tested the website upon as many browser and platform combinations as possible. However, we cannot possibly test the website in every single combination that the world of IT can present. Therefore, Step 13 in the æ web design process requires you (purely as a 'belt and braces' measure) to test the browser internally and to ensure that it does indeed perform against the specification Sub@omic wrote back in Step 4. If your website has been integrated with third party systems such as those outlined in Step 10 then you will find this process vitally important.

Signing-Off The Website

The website will only go live once you are satisfied that the website performs against the original requirements and specification. Authorisation will only be accepted in written form from the project manager.

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