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Web Design Process Step 14

æ Sub@omic's Web Design Process Step 14:

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Web Design Process Step 14

Preparing for the launch of your new cognitive website is an important step in the æ web design process. Don't let the launch of your new website be an anti-climax - do it with a real bang!

Switching IT on

Upon receipt of written authorisation your website may be launched immediately, however, there may be a few last minute things that need to be done prior to pressing the green button and going live. We use Google Analytics to track website activity and so we will wish to configure an Analytics account for your website and we will also prefer to notify Google, in advance that a launch is imminent.

Experience shows that it is worthwhile holding back and planning a proper launch (if one has not already been planned). Failing to have a website launch plan for your sales and marketing team can result in the launch being a little bit of a damp squib.

Staff training

It's likely that, after authorisation to launch has been issued that you'll need some time to familiarise yourself with the website's operation and to run some internal training on the use and benefits of the website.

Finally, be aware that it's not enough to simply commission and launch a new website; you need to tell people it's there. You should consider the following launch activities:

  • Direct mailing your clients
  • Launching an exclusive sales promotion via the website
  • Use pay-per-click advertising as a means of driving immediate traffic to the website until Google picks-up and ranks the website organically.
  • Preparing a press release and organising related launch activities.
  • Taking out advertising in trade/local media

Launching Your New Website

Sub@omic always tells Customers that having a cool website is no different to having a great-looking business card; no-one's going to get to see your business care unless you get out there, stick the business card under peoples' noses but, more importantly, give them a reason to take action and use the business card as it's been designed to do.

You wouldn't believe just how many people expect a new website to be switched-on and for the phone to start ringing and for the inboxes to start bulging with immediate effect. The web's just not like that.

You will need to give people a reason to stop what they're doing and take time out of their day to visit your new website. If you haven't given any consideration to how you're going to do that before now then you'll never get a second chance to make a first impression so do it with a bang.

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