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Sub@omic Web Design Projects Move Forward Over 4 Invoiced Phases

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How The Project Moves Forward

æ (atEase) web design project payment phasesContractually, the project moves forward through the 15 step æ web design process in four distinct payment phases. These project payment phases mean that you can spread the payment over a number of months and also that Sub@omic minimises its cost exposure.

æ web strategy workshop

Our half-day workshop for your senior management team explores the business objectives of your website, the needs of your Customers to agree what your website has to 'do'.

1. Design solution report

The workshop will result in the presentation of our conclusions in the Sub@omic Design Solution Report. This report will be the blueprint for your website, include a full site software specification and will propose a fixed project pricing schedule for the design and development of your bespoke, designer website.

When you are satisfied that the Design Solution Report precisely specifies the website you want, sign our terms and conditions of business and return a copy to us so we may proceed with the design of the website.

2. Design

The design stage creates the design, look and feel for your own hit website. Our design team takes onboard your hopes and inspirations and creates a high-impact, clean-looking website that stands-out from the crowd using an open, freeform, iterative design approach. Once the design is accepted we will issue an invoice for 25% of the project.

3. Development

We advocate creating content as early as possible yet producing the website's words and images is, for many, the toughest part of the project. We've the SEO, imaging and writing skills to feed content into the heart of your business if you have neither the time nor the resources. Whilst content is being written, we begin to code the website to replicate with 100% fidelity the approved web design and page layout. Once the development is completed we will issue an invoice for 50% of the project.

4. Launch

Our open source websites secure you a competitive edge by being quick, clean and simply more clickable. Your business benefits by harnessing a hit website that is tailored to your business and no-one else's.

Once the creation of content for the website has been completed we populate the website pages with the words and images to build the website. Before presenting the website for acceptance prior to launch, we test the website against our original specification.

Move Forward Now That You Know How We Work

It costs nothing to get in touch. Tell us a little more about how we can help you move your project forward.

Get in touch and we'll send you a copy of our 24 page web design guide entitled "How To Build A Hit Website"

Change the question...


After launch we remain on hand to help you measure and modify the website as it helps you to learn more about your marketplace and your place within it.

Workshop Booking Form Download

If you're interested in a Sub@omic web strategy workshop and you'd like to find out a little more about the agenda and format of the workshop then please click the Doc tab above and download our workshop introduction which also includes a booking form as well as terms and conditions of booking.

  • Workshops may be held over a half day or extend to a full day.
  • Workshops are run offsite but may also be run onsite for your convenience.
  • We never double book - your management team will be the only company to attend the workshop and, therefore, may be as open as possible.
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of delegates which may attend.
  • There is no price-per-delegate the workshop is run at a set price and comes with a cashback upon launch of the website.
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