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Web Diffusion Website Options
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Web Diffusion - Available In 6 Sizes

As a small business or a start-up, you don't need to become drawn-into the detailed complexities of running a website, you just want your website to work! You'll already have a pretty good idea how big you want your website to be and because Web Diffusion has been built to offer precisely what you need there's just one question we want to ask you:

How Much Impact Do You Want Your Website To Make?

A Web Diffusion website is built from a number of modules, each of which have different functions and features - the fewer modules you have then the less your Web Diffusion website will cost. We license Web Diffusion by grouping modules into packages to suit different budgets and different requirements.

Web Diffusion Pricing Options

Startup Module
About Module
About+ Modules *
Services Module
Weblinks Module
Contact Module^
Blog Module#
Wall Module
Home Module
News Module
Products Module
Custom Splash Page
Image Sequencer+

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How To Choose A Web Diffusion Website

The decision as to which size website best suits your business is driven by both your budget and the functional requirements. Each module does a different job and with no technical limit on the amount of pages managed under each module Web Diffusion provides a scalable platform for growing your website. If you need some help choosing please get in touch!

Optional value add-ons

* Web Diffusion's About+ Modules may be added-onto your chosen package at a cost of £200.00 per module. Up to 19 About+ Modules may be added to your Web Diffusion website.

^ Web Diffusion's Contact Pro Module can be added to a Startup website at an additional cost of £3.00 per month.

# Web Diffusion's Blog Modules may be added-onto your chosen package at a cost of £450.00 per website. Additional blogs (running under subdomains) may be added at a cost of £200.00. The extended capabilities of the Blog Module ("Blog Pro") may be unlocked for a one time fee of £250.00 per domain name.

+ Web Diffusion's Image Sequencer may be added-onto your chosen package at a cost of £550.00 per website.

¶ A completely bespoke splash page can be designed and developed for your website. Pricing upon application.

Terms of Business

Our Web Diffusion websites and our web design services are covered by our terms and conditions of business.