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Web Diffusion Campaign Landing Pages
A one page landing page for campaign conversions

A Web Diffusion Campaign Site

A Web Diffusion Campaign page is intended for use as landing pages for targeted keyword advertising, email marketing or ShowCard® conversion pages.

Just add a domain

A Campaign page is a conversion tool. You advertise your offer elsewhere, via Google AdWords or social media sites and direct your promoted ad to your Web Diffusion campaign page. Run the website under a funky domain name or perhaps use a sub-domain of your current brand domain.

What's Included?

A Web Diffusion Campaign page is tailored to your brand, devoid of a regular menu and, because its only purpose is conversion, features an inline contact form.

Modules2About Module & Contact Module
Web Page Count1Responsive HTML5 + CSS & Google Analytics Tracking
Price per Month£45.00Based upon supply of final copy and graphics. Additional copywriting and Photoshop work charged at hourly rate. Multiple landing pages charged as a simple multiplier. (i.e. 3 pages = 3 x £45/m)
Web HostingIncludedThere is no separate web hosting fee charged.
Email AddressesNoneInline forms will send email to a designated account of your choosing.
Page Rate£45.00Charged for each new page added over the inclusive number of web pages previously stated.
Hourly Rate£65.00Charged when individual Page Rate is not applicable such as Photoshop work and content management.

Terms of Business

Our Web Diffusion websites and our web design services are covered by our terms and conditions of business.