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RankAssist - SEO management strategy. First aid for poorly websites.

The #1 business SEO Management Strategy

SEO Management Consultancy

Sub@omic introduces RankAssist - SEO help and advice direct from the author of The Art of Search® which puts the Customer at the heart of your business website in order to put your website at the very top of the Google rankings.

Not every business has the time or budget to have Sub@omic design and build a cognitive designer website but most business do want to secure the #1 Google ranks which Sub@omic has a proven track record of securing. So Sub@omic consults with businesses keen to see their business websites at the top of the Google rankings. #1 Google rankings may be secured by reorganising existing websites upon the RICE model found in The Art of Search®.

Discover meaning and purpose

Our SEO help and advice is sought when businesses have, either built for themselves or commissioned from a third party, a website that is performing poorly and lacks search engine visibility. Many now agree that the prime pupose of a website is to secure a #1 ranking and expose the business to new business opportunities yet so many fail the SEO challenge set by Google at the first attempt. Perhaps this sounds like you? We're here to put that right and our consultancy advice and guidance needn't involve pulling-down your existing website.

Websites with poor rankings are sparsely populated with content which only concerns itself with solutions on offer and which fails to explore typical problems faced by Customers - the very things Customers are searching for help with. This disconnect is very real and this disconnect will result in a website with no real meaning for the Customer that, perhaps, is the leading cause of poor search engine performance.

RankAssist is first aid for poorly websites

The SEO RICE modelWe believe that SEO is a strategic management issue and not one for the boffins. Using our proven RICE model, it becomes possible for you to do your own SEO and secure the search engine visibility that your business deserves.

The RICE model

Sub@omic consults with your business to learn what makes it tick and then shows you how to make your poorly website better by articulating your business proposition using the RICE model.

The RICE model was created by Steve Whiting to illustrate how there are two halves of business communication. A website that's written by a business and explains who runs the business what the business does and where the company can be contacted is a website that is completely irrelevant to the Customer who only really wants to know how their problem can be solved, why their problem exists and when is the best time for action.

Putting Customers at the heart of your SEO strategy

Using the RICE model as the framework for your business website will generate a website that will naturally attract Customers via search engines and convert their interest into business opportunities.

Sub@omic consults with your business. We listen to the kind of business your website needs to attract. We then build a content-rich website structure for you to copy and paste into your own website.

The objective of our SEO consultancy is to lead your website to a #1 Google rank and to make your inbox bulge with new business by being easier for Customers to click.

Start by telling us what kind of business opportunities you want your website to win.

Change the question...

Natural Search Engine Optimisation

The RICE model is built upon the belief that organic search is vital to the success of a website and that links from the results pages of search engine may link to any page on the website - not everyone is going to walk through the front door.

  • Relevance
  • Intrigue
  • Conversion
  • Engagement

A website that is written in the language of the Customer will attract high value Relevant visitors i.e. Customers. The cognitive approach is to show them what they want and not just what you want to tell them. Having secured the clickthrough the next stage is to create Intrigue by taking the Customer on a journey through the site leading onto an online Conversion that generates the opportunity to develop one time interest into long term Engagement.

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