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Executing a Design Vision of Unhindered Imagination

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Imagine The Best Website Possible

Do not be hindered in any way by what you think your computer may let you do; think about your organisation's message and its individual brand identity. Now, once you have that clear picture in your mind, imagine trying to force a bog standard content management system to deliver your vision. It's not going to happen is it?

Gosling is a brand identity and creative design agency based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, able to appreciate that bespoke web development is what's required to deliver a website for which brand fidelity is of the highest importance.

The Gosling website is a fusion of elements bound together by a clean and strong brand identity. WordPress has been used to create a 'news' area for the website but the Agency was fully aware of the CMS's limitations and called upon Sub@omic to develop the AJAX-powered gallery of work and project examples.

The Our Work section of the website comprises two base pages: a dynamic project gallery; and a case study page. The Agency is able to create new projects in the website database and assign each to a particular project type and client sector - these project & sector choices which are made available in the gallery and throughout the website help the website visitor quickly navigate to the kind of branding or communication project that they are interested in. The bespoke AJAX search simplifies and speeds-up the navigation.

Bespoke comfortably co-existing with Wordpress CMS

There are times when imagination, driven by clients' needs, will lead you to a place that no content management system (CMS) has been designed to cater for. The brutal truth is that WordPress can't, in reality, do everything but by integrating elements of bespoke web development you can have your cake and eat it.

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