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The Meaning of Communication

They say that "the meaning of communication is the response you get" so, in this case, the meaning of communication is nothing but positive.

When the founder of Live It Ventures approached Sub@omic back in 2006 the business was a relatively new company seeking to quickly position itself as the premiere personal development company for women in the UK. To this end, with respect to an online presence, the founder's vision was to develop an intuitively user friendly website with a strong, dynamic and inspirational feminine image that exuded feelings of professionalism and friendliness.

Indeed the website has been the key driver to the rapid success and growth of the Live It brand. Yet the magical ingredient that proved to be the vital element for the success of this particular website was not to be found in the code written by Sub@omic.

Live It's founder, Murielle Maupoint, picks up the story

"The brief. Using only the Live It Ventures logo as a foundation, the website was created to explore, establish and lead a strong brand identity. From the outset, the Live It website was challenged to reflect a paradox:

  1. Energetic, motivational and inspiring yet calm and relaxing - somewhere you would want to spend time and leave feeling that you can achieve your dreams.
  2. Professional and well established yet fresh, friendly and approachable - like chatting to your best friend that you've known for years.
  3. Feminine but not girly, nurturing yet focused on achieving results!

Sub@omic Limited has excelled in bringing together these paradoxes to create a visually stimulating sensation that appeals to the major senses. Using vibrant colours and strong photography to draw in the eye.

Providing captions, quotes to the photographs and text as well as 'ghost words' (as though someone is speaking to you or you are listening in on someone's inner thoughts) a range of feelings evoked through emotive language and strong photographic images giving customers a sense of hope, optimism and opportunity."

The open source website

Time and money are critical to the success of any new business. From a business owner's perspective, let alone one with exacting standards and a desire to constantly change and innovate, flexibility of the website structure was key.

One of the main requirements in terms of functionality was for the business owner to have complete control over the navigation structure of the site, the images and text - able to change the website rapidly in response to changing business needs and the evolution of the company itself.

Sub@omic's open source framework that uses no CMS provided the perfect platform to achieve this objective, it enabled the entire website to be completely rewritten twice during the time the website was live and operational.

The magical ingredient

The website secured and consistently held #1 Google rankings for over 6 years and that's down to a combination of great code and great copywriting by the website's owner. However, the magical ingredient that proved to be the vital element for the success of this particular website wasn't to be found in the code written by Sub@omic.

What made this website great was the fact that the website owner was not only motivated and committed to the web design and branding project but that Murielle had a clear vision for the business brand and was an inspirational joy to work with. Sub@omic maintains that a website articulates your business proposition and this case study proves that when you intimately understand that proposition it's easy to wrap a great website around it.

Truly understanding the Customer's vision

If we were to pick one aspect that would neatly summarise the whole web design and branding project for Live It it would be this. Within the very first design proposal Sub@omic submitted was the website page design and, instead of simulated website copy made up with paragraphs of lorem ipsum text, we wrote the following statement:

Our goal is to leave in our wake a trail of confident, happy, empowered women that positively engage with the world and create an impact in their own personal and business environments.

That statement appeared on the website in the first paragraph of the home page at the website's launch and remained there for 6 years.

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Website Design Using NLP

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a communication technique which Live It use to great effect in their womens' training programmes. NLP is the study and practice of the relationships between how we think, how we communicate and our own resulting behaviour and emotions. Having an appreciation and an awareness of NLP techniques can help each one of us to communication better through our body language, written communication, design layout, what we say and how we say it.

The Live It website was designed so that it created a visually stimulating sensation that appealed to the major senses and employed a number of NLP techniques to ensure that the message of each webpage was being effectively communicated in more than one way.

  • Vibrant colours
  • Strong photography with motivational and inspirational captions and quotes
  • Marketing to the peripheral vision
  • Satir gestures
  • Ghost words

Writing the content of a website so that it speaks the language of the Customer is one of the key lessons of The Art of Search. The Live It website proved that all Customers, no matter which business sector or demographic they originate from, will not only use different language personal to them but also react to different verbal and visual cues. You thought effective SEO was all about meta tags and keywords? Think again.

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