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We blog about web design and chocolate Hobnobs
Sub@omic blogs about cognitive web design, SEO and Hobnobs.

Sub@omic's Web Design Blog

There are countless 'experts' out there who will try to convince you that if you want to get to the top of Google you need to blog. Cobblers. In order to get to the top of Google you need to talk the language of the Customer and it turns out that blogs are great ways to engage with your Customers and begin talking with them. Blogging is a two-way channel for communication so please do join in and tell us what you're thinking. If you're on the go, you might prefer to grab the RSS feed for this blog. Sub@omic Web Design Blog - RSS Feed

72. Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Beauty Is Only Skin DeepThis blog is a blog about website code - you know, the stuff that you probably prefer not to think about; the stuff that your website is actually made from. You may have chosen to ignore code but, if you're thinking about buying a website, then please don't ignore this blog. I've been meaning to write this website blog post for many years but I've never felt as though I had the correct metaphor to run with - until now.…

Steve Whiting - 11th November 2020

71. House Home Hotel

House Home HotelMy problem? I'll tell you what my problem is. The website home page - site of some of the most heated discussions I've ever witnessed Customers have about websites. Too often, I have found myself being drawn-into such internal politics to add weight to one viewpoint in a final push for victory. So I now need to put this out there, for what it's worth. My unshakeable, hard-fought-for opinion concerning the website home page is long-overdue an airing. ๐Ÿ›Ž…

Steve Whiting - 30th July 2020

70. Lockdown Haka

Lockdown HakaThroughout lockdown we've noticed a steady, yet unsurprising, increase in the attempts to force entry to the websites we've designed and built. Reassuringly, none of these attempts have yet been successful. The inboxes of our Customers have witnessed an increase in the volume of email claiming to have hacked their website and plundered the data within. Reassuringly, all of these attempts at extorting bitcoin payments are baseless scams. Hackers and scammers are treating lockdown as an opportunity to try their luck with you and your website. So this blog explains how a zero trust policy helps us anticipate, challenge and defend.…

Steve Whiting - 9th June 2020

69. Professional Confessional

Professional ConfessionalHave you ever started writing a blog intending to write about one thing but then found yourself veering off-piste? Well, this blog started out as a post about how the Photoshopping of website photographs was something that makes a critical (professional) difference in web design. But, soon after I started, the words web design professional began to crawl and make me uncomfortable. In a world of web design professionals, I feel it's time to ask the open question: what makes what web designers do professional? ๐Ÿงจ…

Steve Whiting - 15th May 2020

68. Looming Large

Looming LargeSitting right at the heart of responsive web design lies one simple principle - that you cannot guarantee what a website will look like on a device or a display that's not in-front of you. We love an acronym in the IT sector and I've just created a new acronym: LOOM, meaning 'Looks OK On Mine'. The acronym is intended to shine a spotlight upon one of the biggest misconceptions in web design. To begin illustrating the point, here is a live example from one of our own responsive web design projects.…

Steve Whiting - 29th April 2020

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