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We blog about web design and chocolate Hobnobs
We tend to blog about web design, tea, coffee & chocolate Hobnobs

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There are countless 'experts' out there who will try to convince you that if you want to get to the top of Google you need to blog. Cobblers. In order to get to the top of Google you need to talk the language of the Customer and it turns out that blogs are great ways to engage with your Customers and begin talking with them. Blogging is a two-way channel for communication so please do join in and tell us what you're thinking. If you're on the go, you might prefer to grab the RSS feed for this blog. Sub@omic Web Design Blog - RSS Feed

62. The Price Of A Website.

The Price Of A Website.When people are considering whether to commission Sub@omic to design and build their website, perhaps my two most frequently-asked questions are: how much and how long? My stock answer doesn't always help and I think I've just figured-out why.…

Steve Whiting - 3rd November 2017

61. The Cost of Nothing

The Cost of NothingThis post is for you to read when you catch yourself saying to someone: 'I don't need a new website, as I already have one.'…

Steve Whiting - 12th October 2017

60. All Roads Lead To Luton

All Roads Lead To LutonI spent yesterday morning drinking coffee, eating chocolate biscuits and discussing SEO with a couple of Customers. To my delight, I found myself employing a roadmap of the British Isles in their office to help explain SEO and Google's hub & spoke model for measuring website energy. Follow me on this roadtrip analogy and never, ever, get lost or confused about Google again.…

Steve Whiting - 12th September 2017

59. Can't 'Touch This

Can't 'Touch ThisThe clutch of skills required to build and maintain websites isn't something I normally make a big thing about but the Photoshop retouching I undertook this morning suggested that perhaps I should. It also revealed to me a little more about the genetic legacy I've inherited.…

Steve Whiting - 16th August 2017

58. Getting That Internet Sensation

I was catching-up with a very good colleague today and learned that, since we last spoke, his son's living and working in the USA now that he is something of an 'Internet sensation'. Hurrah! This modern day phenomenon is what many marketing-types in business now hunger for but it's amazing how few realise just what it takes to earn it.…

Steve Whiting - 7th August 2017

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