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E^ssential Email Hosting

Whether you're after just a simple email account or require an advanced email account with more flexibility and portability Sub@omic has a range of options for Customers to choose from.

Startup - POP3 Email

POP3 email accounts are included with all our website hosting services. POP3 email accounts offer basic send and receive capabilities and a small amount of diskspace for holding email temporarily until they may be downloaded. Our POP3 accounts come with webmail access so that email may be sent and received via the browser even when you're away from your desk. Manage your own email account password, set auto-responders as well as email forwarders. Spam and virus filtering is available upon request and attracts an initial setup fee for each email account protected.

Business - IMAP Email

IMAP email accounts, provided by Rackspace, are Sub@omic's recommended solution for any business email user. IMAP email accounts offer the ability to sychronise email across multiple devices so you will never miss an email when away from your desk. IMAP email accounts offer a massive 25GB of diskspace so you'll never need worry about your inbox filling-up, reaching its maximum quota and bouncing emails back to the sender. Spam and virus filtering is included at no extra cost with each email account. Our IMAP accounts also come with webmail access so that email may be sent and received via the browser even when you're away from your desk. The comprehensive webmail interface allows users to set autoresponders and email forwarders, HTML E^mail stationery templates may be stored so that your outbound communications will preserve your brand no matter where you choose to send email from.

Pro - IMAP email + outbound SMTP

Outbound SMTP email accounts are available both as a contingency for emergencies when there's email outages and as a channel for emailing high volume bulk 1-2-1 email blasts to opt-in subscribers. Dedicated SMTP servers do nothing other than send email and, as such, do not have to share resources with other web services - usage of the dedicated outbound SMTP servers is more strictly policed so that their IP addresses do not find their way onto antispam blacklists. Pricing is based upon the quantity of outbound emails sent each calendar month.

Email support cover

There's nothing more frustrating than losing access to email. When, for whatever reason, you're unable to send or receive email it's good to know there's someone you can phone to talk through your problem and have diagnose and fix (where possible) your problem. Sub@omic offers Customers additional remote email support for just £125.00 per year on top of web/email hosting fees. For those Customers using email outside the protection of the email support cover then remote help and support is available but priced at an hourly rate as setout in the Customer's terms and conditions.

Need a supplier who offers more?

Sub@omic offers premium quality web design and website and email hosting to match. When you've had it with your present provider of email hosting and need to find a supplier able to offer more than just the basics, fill in this form and get in touch with us. We'll soon have you falling in love with email all over again.

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