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A Large Web Diffusion Website for £4,500.00 plus hosting

An Large Web Diffusion Website

The Large Website is our comprehensive corporate level offering for the business that has a well-understood product offering and one that is very likely to have its own marketing or PR staff. The best fit is a business with a need to engage with its website visitors, the media, social networking platforms as well as other websites through intelligent use of the News, Weblinks and Blog Modules.

Your Content - Our Management Framework

A Large Web Diffusion Website is a hungry beast - its comprehensive modular composition offers an incredibly large amount of space for the corporate to fully articulate its business proposition. Although finding the content for such a hungry website will be no small task you needn't be concerned about not knowing what to go looking for because, in developing our modular content management framework, we've already given you a clear routemap.

Built Upon A Well Thought Through Marketing Strategy

The corporate business that has already spent time understanding and developing its business proposition should already have a productised service offer, should already know the features and benefits of its products and will be keen to explore the additional business that an affordable and professional website will deliver.

Modules8About Module; Aplus Module; Services Module; Products Module; Contact Module; News Module; Weblinks Module & Blog Module
Inclusive Web Pages25Included in the build price is the complimentary creation of 25 web pages; additional pages may be added at the list page rate.
Build Price£9,500.00Based upon supply of final copy and graphics. Additional copywriting and Photoshop work charged at hourly rate.
Annual Web Hosting Fee£845.00Licensed Web Diffusion website may only be hosted by Sub@omic Limited.
Inclusive (POP3) Email Addresses15POP3 & SMTP account. Spam and virus filtering available upon request.
Page Rate£95.00Charged for each new page added over the inclusive number of web pages previously stated.
Hourly Rate£75.00Charged when individual Page Rate is not applicable such as Photoshop work and content management.

Low Cost Of Entry - Scalable - Fixed Unit Costs

On of the key features of the Large Web Diffusion website is its combined flexibility and affordable cost of entry at just £9,500.00; a price that includes direct liaison with your agency, the creation of 25 web pages and the creation of 15 email addresses. Ongoing costs are fixed and, therefore, will not create any budgeting surprises.

Web Off-The-Peg

Your website can be ordered off-the-peg from one of our range of web design template styles - typically an account could be created within one working day. Our prescriptive modular format makes it easy to decide what content you already have and what content needs to be sourced so if you are able to supply us with all your structured copy, graphics and images, it's possible that we could launch your website within one week.

Terms of Business

Our Web Diffusion websites and our web design services are covered by our terms and conditions of business.