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Sub@omic Limited wants to keep press, media and Customers alike up to date with the fast-moving pace that the Web moves at. Our regular and official news updates are made available from this page.

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The Lord Lucan of Proptech

Don't let your property listings disappear and lose online visibility as if they're the Lord Lucan of proptech!…

7th June 2017

SEO and the Existence of God

New eBook promises to solve the mysteries of the (virtual) universe.…

17th May 2017

Cyber Crime Detection with Bedfordshire Police

Following its debut and launch at this month's Cyber Threat Awareness event run by Bedfordshire Police's Cyber Hub, Sub@omic has made available a brand new Cyber Security E^dition eBook. Download it now for free.…

2nd February 2017

The Art of Search - Essentials

Following the publication of the heavyweight SEO management strategy, The Art of Search, in March 2015 Sub@omic launches a punchier, low cost version of the E^book that tells readers how to win a #1 Google rank.…

2nd October 2016

Web Diffusion - Now Even Faster!

A clear differentiation between a Web Diffusion website and those websites output by run-of-the-mill CMS has always been the faster speed of a Web Diffusion website - but now they're even faster thanks to Web Diffusion's minified HTML5.…

13th June 2016