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Web Design Process Step 1

æ Sub@omic's Web Design Process Step 1:

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Web Design Process Step 1

An offsite discovery exercise (typically 4hrs) for a senior management team to explore and agree the project requirements, governed by your business objectives.

Workshop Venue:

Web Strategy Workshop Venue - The White Horse Pub, Harpenden, HertfordshireThe workshop is run by Sub@omic offsite in order to minimise any routine disruption and maximise the opportunity to fully discuss your business website strategy. Located in Harpenden (and with plenty of free parking) the venue is minutes from Junction 9 of the M1 and easy to reach by car. If you would prefer to travel by train, Harpenden's mainline train station is just 10 minutes' walk or a quick taxi journey away.

If you would prefer the web strategy workshop to be run offsite instead on your own premises then please just let us know, offsite workshops will cost more and pricing is subject to any venue hire costs.

Workshop Description:

The web design strategy workshop is an inclusive and informative consultation exercise developed and run exclusively by Sub@omic Limited. The workshop is the first step of a 15 step web design process and is the essential starting-point for the design and development of a bespoke, designer website.

The sole purpose of the workshop is to identify and agree what the website must 'do' in order to meet its business objectives; once these requirements have been discussed and agreed, a website specification will be written-up and presented in the form of a fully-costed Design Solution Report that may be shared internally and/or externally and used to decide whether to commission Sub@omic Limited to design and develop a website for your business.

Workshop Agenda:

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • E^volution [Sub@omic Presentation]
  • 20 Questions [Team Exercise]
  • Short Comfort Break
  • The Sub@omic RICE Model [Sub@omic Presentation]
  • The 5Ws & 1H [Sub@omic Presentation]
  • Six Word Summaries [Team Exercise]

Workshop Considerations:

Our half day workshop can be run onsite or offsite. The workshop is run exclusively for your business and there is no upper limit on the size of the management team that may attend. However, the more people become involved then the longer the discussions will become.

Typically an æ web strategy workshop will last 4 hours and works well as a morning session or an afternoon session. If your management team find themselves being drawn into lengthy discussions then any hours over the initial four will be charged at a pro-rata rate. For this reason, therefore, we advise that the workshop is run in the morning to allow for an over-run and capture your management team at their freshest.

Your Business Objectives

We require no preparation in advance of the workshop although there'll be lots to take away and think about. However, if you do have a current and valid marketing plan we'd very much appreciate the opportunity of reviewing the document before we run your strategy workshop as this may save some time.

Perhaps the most important lesson that will be learned is the importance of being able to think like a Customer. For the vast majority of workshop attendees, getting to the top of Google is a key requirement and being able to think like a Customer is the core skill for any business planning strategic SEO.

For this reason you may find it helpful if you ask yourself what Customers would possibly type in Google to find your website.

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