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Putting great content together is possibly the toughest thing your website will compel you to do.

Stop Monkeying Around With Your Web Content

Content Strategy

Time and time again, generating the right kind of content proves to be the one thing that slows down the design and development of a website. Using the right words and images will bring colour and personality to your website but great content doesn't just fly in through the window...

You need a content strategy

Having a content strategy in place means never being at a loss for words because the content strategy will tell you what to write. Most people building a website will, at some point in time, have stared at a blank Word document wondering what on earth to write about; this happens when there's no content strategy in place to guide the creation of the kind of rich content (words and images) which Customers will be switched-on by.

Search-driven content strategy

Sub@omic secures #1 search engine rankings for Customers' websites through organic SEO with high performance website code and plenty of great content. We find the great content by creating a content strategy, taking a consultative approach to force website owners to think differently about their business. Once we explore the business objectives we move to the search engine and consider what Customers' would type into Google to find a business just like yours.

By re-framing the context of the website around SEO, we inspire our Customers by showing them how to look at their business from their own Customers' perspective. When you're thinking like a Customer and have a content strategy in place, writing great content becomes so much simpler because you're working within a supportive frame of reference, built by Sub@omic, that prompts the generation of rich and engaging words and images.

Keen to be seen at the top of Google?

Let Sub@omic help you get to the top of Google by building a fully optimised website that speaks the language of your Customers.

Our websites come pre-optimised and our Customers are able to manage their own content and do their own SEO without the time and cost associated with our intervention.

Change the question...

Customer First

It sounds so simple doesn't it? The way to get your website visible on the search engine results pages is to develop your website upon a content strategy using the words that you know your Customers will use when they search.

Sub@omic offers a search-driven approach to website content strategy. By encouraging you and your staff to think like a Customer we stop companies writing about themselves using dry, sterile, boring, technical and dull language but the colourful and rich language of the Customer.

The end result of this website content strategy is to achieve a website that not only achieves high visibility in the search engines but also delivers high performance results - when your website speaks the language of the Customer, online conversions increase as the website winds you more business.

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