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Bina Briggs and Bronwen Philpott - Plain Talking HR LImited

"We just want to say what a fabulous website you have designed for us! Thankyou so much!"

Bina Briggs - Director, Plain Talking HR Limited

Simply More Clickable

When Customers talk about their web design preferences and look through websites we have designed and built, the word we hear people use time after time is "clean".

What makes our websites 'clean'?

Sub@omic websites are bespoke, starting from a blank sheet of paper we develop a website specification by leading our Customers through our own consultative web design process - every pixel on the website is there for a reason and that reason may be traced back to a business objective. Our websites are fast, agile and free from superfluous code that only serves to slow-down and bloat a website.

Our websites are neither too cluttered nor too wordy

We write each line of website code ourselves and do not need to rely on a CMS so it makes sense for us to write just the code that your website needs - the less we write, the quicker your website launches.

We start each project by consulting with your organisation in order to understand what the business objectives are for the website and use these objectives as our frame of reference. We then set about designing a website that delivers against those business objectives, each webpage has a very clear purpose and each webpage is tailor made. This clarity of purpose combined with our design skill is what makes our websites clean.

The cognitive contribution

A Sub@omic website is never frivolous and will never employ bleeding-edge technology simply because it's the fashionable thing to do. We'll never shoe-horn a clever or trendy widget into a page which clutters the layout or confuses the message. Each webpage is designed with a clear purpose and our cognitive design philosophy ensures that the page always remains easy for the user to know how to use. What many web designers fail to remember is that there is an 8 second rule, a window of opportunity during which the website has to communicate its message.

Customers don't like waiting any more than you do

Don't make your Customers wait. The generally accepted 8 second rule states we have 8 seconds from the time a webpage begins to load before the user decides to click the back button. This mean that every webpage has:

  • 8 seconds for your webpage to load; and
  • 8 seconds to assert your brand; and
  • 8 seconds for your Customer to understand how to use the webpage and the website; and
  • 8 seconds for your Customer to appreciate that it's the webpage they've been searching for; and
  • 8 seconds for your Customer to decide that your website is now the only website that they need.

Therefore, it's all about speed and clarity. Clean websites are intuitive, they don't confuse the visitor and don't force them to have to think hard about how to use the website. The clearer a website is then the more confidence Google will be in deciding which keywords best sum it up. Consequently a website with a clean cognitive design ranks higher, looks better and converts more business.

Leading Edge Not Bleeding Edge

The web design sector is an open, liberal space full of geeks, hipsters and, unfortunately, a large number of sheep. Given the freedom and openness it's a pity that there appears to be so many web designers who seem content following the flock and using certain web technology simply because it's the trendy thing to do.

We've never been a business that's all too eager to jump on the bandwagon because it's the accepted thing to do; that strategy is what's helped keep us in business since 2002. We're a business that never guinea-pigs our Customers or exposes them to unproven technology, no matter how much they claim to need it. We're never afraid to say no to Customers if what they're asking for is flaky, not fully formed or not fully considered; we'll always refer back to the business objectives and be guided by the business case.

This resilient and forward-thinking approach means that we prevent clients from slipping in a little website widget here and a website widget there - trying to improve the performance of a webpage by bolting-on more stuff simply makes the website clunky and prevents it from staying clean.

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